PhantomX User Manual


  • VC_redist.x64.exe

How to download:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the Download Button
  3. Turn off any Antivirus you have, Windows Defender must be OFF too
  4. Open the downloaded file and extract it to anywhere on your computer with WinRAR

How to inject:


  1. Open the folder you extracted your PhantomX launcher to
  2. Double click the file named “PXLauncher.exe”
  3. Login to the launcher with the details provided by reseller
  4. Launch GTA V and Go to Story mode
  5. Wait until story mode finish loaded completely
  6. Click the “INJECT” button on the top navigation bar from Launcher
  7. Press F5 to open and close menu


  • Control the menu with your numpad (8 – up, 6 – right, 5 – select, 4 – left, 2 – down, 0 – back, F5 – open/close)
  • If you do not have a numpad, follow these steps:
  • Inject Phantom-X
  • Open the Windows OnScreen Keyboard app
  • Go into the options and enable “numeric keyboard”
  • Go back into GTA V and go into the Phantom-X settings with your OnScreen Keyboard
  • Select the option to enable arrow key controls
  • Save your settings